The Fan Renaissance is Here


Our Vision

Welcome to the 1st Ticketing Company Built for the Benefit of Fans.

For over 60 Years, Fans have been getting the shaft from an inherently corrupt industry.

TixFAN’s primary goal is to eliminate the inherent corruption in Big Tickets and stop illegal Scalper and Multi-Browser Bots.

TixFAN has a standing offer to any Artist, Team, Theatre Producer, Ticket Seller, Promotor, Venue, or anyone claiming they wish to eliminate their Ticket Bots problems. Free of Charge. Not funny, but in over six years, not one complaining entity has taken him up on this offer.

We believe that says it all. Scalper Bots, Multiple IP Browser Bots, Release Bots, and Code Registration Bots are easy to stop. 

Our Mission

To Educate Fans and then Redistribute Scalper revenues to FANs. 

Verified TixFans can Earn with our TixFan Gig Income Programs. Or learn how to buy a ticket without getting gouged or tricked.

TixFAN is the ONLY Ticketing company that exists solely to benefit Fans and help to connect with their favourite Artists, Teams, or Theatre Plays.

Please see our Verified Fan Programs below:

Ken Lowson and many other Scalper Botters were prosecuted and fined $30 million. It proves that eliminating all the various Bots is possible if the Government wants it done.

It’s no Arms Race, as some claim; Ticket Sellers could stop Bots anytime they wish. However, someone needs to get blamed for their greed—our guess is it will be the Multiple IP Browser Bots next.

Fan Education

Fan Education comes with our Updates and by providing Registered TixFANs with all Intel that Professional Brokers can access.

Elimination of Corruption is simple: Big Ticketing calls it an Arms Race with BOTs, but the reality is they have always been able to stop BOTs and keep them around as a Blame Misdirect to hold back most of the quality tickets for Resale.

Fan Gigs

TIXFAN Shopper Gig offers Verified Fans Gig Income Shopping for Tickets other Fans want.

TixFAN Agents provide direct Fan serving Fan Services—the 1st TRUE Fan to Fan Reselling to exist.

Playing Field Leveled

A forever free-of-charge Ticket Sale alert system that provides Passwords, Intelligence, and methods of Operations only known to Insiders in the past.

It’s for all TixFANs, regardless of whether you only want to score for yourself or be a TixFAN Gig earner.

Elimination of Corruption

First Ticket BOTs like the one our $hot Caller Ken Lowson used to run at Wiseguy Tickets are no longer viable and have exploded into different types:

  • Multiple IP 100+ Window BOTs.
  • Ticket Release BOTs.
  • Scarcity BOTs.

Big Ticketing calls it an Arms Race. However, the reality is they could stop BOTs anytime they wish.

Ken Lowson has offered to do this for free for any so-called Primary/Secondary Market free of charge and mentioned this in well over 50 Media Pieces, yet not one call?

Why is this? It is because Big Ticketing holds back the best tickets or sells them for VIP, Platinum, Dynamic Pricing, and other name-only differences. The seats are the same.

There is no reason more than Fans cannot Score even with the BOTs still going our White Hat. All Manual TixFAN Shoppers earn $20+ per Pulling Hour, assuming they hang in for at least 30 Minutes each Pull Hour.

WorldWide Complaint Center

The main issue is that Fans lack a Voice and power as Individuals, and it’s why we have started the TixFAN Jedi Army. Once you complain, we send your complaint to as many Consumer Protection organizations as possible, including Government Agencies like the FTA.

Our efforts in this area have yielded fruit as the FTA has fined Ticket BOT Buyers over 31 Million.

Was TixFAN responsible for this? We like to believe that our Media efforts with Journalists that care about Fans, like Vice Magazine and many others—contributed at least partially to this result.