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Early Registrations

Any Verified Fan who Registers with us Before our Launch becomes a TixFAN Noble and will Receive First Pick on our Best Deals before anyone else forever. You can even leave it to someone in your will.

Our Commitment

To Create a Fan Renaissance in the 21st Century. A Literal Shift of Power from Big Ticketing to Fans and their Idols.

Fan Gigs

As the Uber of Tickets, we are Manifesting the redistribution of Scalper Bot income directly to Fans and their Idols.

Playing Field Leveled

We call this the “Greatest Gift Ever Given to Fans.”. It will be Forever Free and Delivers Passwords, Sale Times, Secret Scalper Tricks, and Everything a Fan needs to Buy Tickets like a Pro for any Venue within a 50 Mile Radius of your home.


It’s no Joke, and as Powerful as any Drug I know. The Entire Industry Relies on Fan FOMO to Openly Gouge and Get Away with it, and TixFAN handles this by delivering every time, even if it costs more than you paid. There is no such thing as a Sell Out, only a matter of Will.


The Number One Priority is Stopping Scalper Bots. I’m the one who Invented them and can Easily Stop them. There is no Such Thing as a Ticket Bot Arms Race. Only the Will of Artists, Teams & Theatre Producers is required to ensure Fans, not Scalper Bots, are getting the Seats. TixINTEL will stop anyone’s Bot Problem FOR FREE if they only let us.